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100% Satisfaction: We make sure every customer is 100% satisfied in every aspect with 24/7/365 fast support! If you're not satisfied with your product(s), we'll make it right! We promise.
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Seems to be working great, I installed it 2 months ago after mice were nesting in the intake filters in my cars inside the garage. I set traps but they were babies and didn't trigger the victor snap ones. They were also really smart and navigated around the sticky ones. So I bough this, it works. My dogs don't hear it and don't care.
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Joshua van de Berkt

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S. Aldrich

I live in the country in an old house so bugs are everywhere! I was tired of all the spider bites. In the month that I've had this, I've been bit twice. So much better than numerous bites daily. If you're looking for a no kill method of pest control for a low cost and don't mind losing use of an outlet, this is a good investment.
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Perrish Stark

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Adolfs Ghost

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eric bernstein

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Installed this easily on the outdoor outlet, within 3 days all mice were gone and they've stayed away!
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kym sandberg

I purchased these for both the homer and the office. We wanted to get rid of all unwanted friends and it is amazing how well they work. We have not had any insects, pests, or critters in either lcoation since we put them in. They are simple and easy to use and they do the job better than I ever thought! Now not only do I have happy workers, I have a happy family as well that isn't yelling for me to "GETIT!!!"
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Stephen C.

I purchased this pest repeller in hopes that I could avoid an expensive visit from my pest control company. And I was left with a pretty large carcass in the cabinet under my sink. This time I noticed a visitor had left little munch marks in a bell-shaped suet ball. I really didn't want to deal with another dead rodent...whether caused by trap or poison so I thought I would give a repeller a try. Luckily I Win!!
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Katrina B.

I purchased six of these, so far these have been in use in our camper for a little over a month and there's no evidence of mice inside at all. We do catch plenty of mice in the traps in the barn so I know they're around but they seem to be choosing to stay out of our camper which is exactly what I had hoped."
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If you've struck out a lot with riding your house of mice, I suggest trying these.
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I live in a 4,400 single home in Florida, in a nice green area. The only inconvenient are the bugs and ants, especially in the kitchen. I decided to try this Pest Repellent on our kitchen. It was quite easy to install (just plug it in any outlet) and to select the intensity of the signal - I choose the intermediate one (blue light) with a single clic on the button.
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C. Hardy

So I have always been skeptical of these types of devices. But for their price, simple plug design and that I have noticed less bugs in the room that its inserted in, i'd give it a good rating. I don't have any cats nor dogs, so can't say if they are affected. But I did have my friends dog over and he didn't seem to act any different. I plan on ordering a few more for the outdoor areas leading up to the house to help keep them from entering the front door when leaving the house.
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I bought this ultrasonic pest repeller after seeing two mice in my apartment. I live in a large apartment complex with businesses and restaurants on the first level. Since the COVID-19 shut down all of those restaurants and businesses have closed (potentially displacing these little critters) also my apartments pest control company skipped a month in the treatments. Seemingly I freaked out and went a little psycho with cleaning/locking up every food item in site.  Now I did not see any mice or droppings, it's helping me keep my cool! Will definitely be keeping it!